We help develop the open data community in Armenia

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Project mission

form and develop an understanding of the value of open data among data publishers and the user community associated with Armenia, the Armenian language and culture

Project goals

create a sustainable ecosystem of publishing and working with open data in the Republic of Armenia, together with authorities, scientific and educational institutions, non-profit organizations, cultural institutions and all interested parties

What we do

We study, organize and maintain catalogs of public data related to Armenia, the Armenian language and culture

We create projects based on open data related to Armenia, the Armenian language and culture

We support specialists of various profiles related to Armenia, the Armenian language and culture, in mastering new skills in working with data

Why are we doing this

There are many databases in and about Armenia that are publicly available to users, but they are not always complete or open. Some of the challenges faced by users in Armenia and the Armenian diaspora around the world in the development of open data is the lack of resources and technical skills to collect and disseminate open data.

The main barriers to open data development are:

Lack of a unified platform for publishing and accessing open data

lack of civil society involvement

low awareness and demand for data

lack of staff and technical skills to work with data

To overcome these challenges, it is necessary to develop our own resources and the emergence of open data specialists.

We are helping

Learn how to work with data. For example, civil servants, researchers, media faculty and journalists

Develop the Open Data Community of Armenia and the Diaspora

Organize hackathons, conferences or open data workshops

Provide services related to the development of data-tools, as well as the collection, analysis and visualization of data

On our site you will find a catalog of Armenia's open data and everything related to the Armenian language and culture, as well as useful materials on the theory and practice of working with open data.

The Open Data Armenia project participates in the global Open Knowledge Foundation network.