What is open data

Open data is publicly available information placed on the Internet for repeated, free, and free of charge use in the form of machine-readable systematized data, in a format that allows for automated processing.
The key characteristics of openness are:

  1. Availability and access: the data should be available in general and at no more than the reasonable cost of reproduction, preferably by downloading over the Internet. The data should also be available in a convenient and modifiable form.
  2. Reuse and distribution: the data should be made available on terms that allow reuse and distribution, including mixing with other data sets.
  3. Data must be machine-readable.
  4. Universal participation: everyone should be able to use, reuse, and redistribute the data, i.e., there should be no discrimination against areas of activity or individuals or groups. For example, no “non-commercial” restrictions preventing “commercial” use, or restrictions on use for certain purposes (e.g., only in education) are allowed.


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2. https://okfn.org/opendata/

03 April 2023