Open Data Armenia Project Announcement

We are glad to introduce the Open Data Armenia project which is directed at dissemination of the data related to the Armenian language, life, history, and culture.

The mission of the project is to promote the culture of openness and cooperation by enabling individuals, organizations, and agencies to publish, disseminate, and use open data.

Main purposes:

1. Create a sustainable ecosystem for publishing and working with open data in the Republic of Armenia.

2. Boost data literacy and skills: provide educational materials, training programs, and resources to improve data literacy.

3. Facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange: create an active, sustainable community that shares knowledge, ideas, and best practices about the use of open data in their projects.

4. Promote Armenian language and culture around the world using open source tools and open data.

The Open Data Armenia portal created by us is aimed at reaching these goals and serves as a basis for accessing, exploring, publishing and распространения datasets on different topics.

The Open Data Armenia project team invites all the interested parties who share our vision and aspirations to join the community. Regardless whether you represent a state body or a NGO, you are a journalist, researcher, or entrepreneur, there are various ways for you to engage with us. 

  1. Study and use open data.

Visit Data Catalog Armenia portal to access and explore the open data sets. Utilize data to obtain information, to conduct research, to develop IT solutions, and to create media materials.

  1. Cooperate and add value.

Join our community of open data enthusiasts and take part in knowledge exchange. Share your knowledge, ideas, and best practices of dealing with open data.

  1. Spread the word.

Help us to raise awareness about the Open Data Armenia project sharing the information about our mission, activity, and achievements on your social media.

  1. Follow our updates.

Stay informed about the most recent events and news related to the Open Data Armenia project. Visit our website and follow us on social media (Telegram and Facebook) to receive updates in realtime and engage in discussions with your colleagues – open data enthusiasts.
Join the Open Data Armenia’s circle of like-minded people!

24 May 2023